Creating a more sustainable future through business and entrepreneurship

A Small Farmers Opportunity During the Lockdown

When I saw glimpses of the draconian measures they were taking in Wuhan, China, I knew to keep a close eye on the developing situation.  When lockdowns occur, local economies are affected immediately, and soon after, the whole global supply chain.  The US had the...

Bring your Past Experience into Regenerative Food & Agriculture ​

If you are considering being part of the future of food with a new career opportunity, the options are exciting.

Build the Life You Want Through Sustainable Food & Agriculture

As diverse as we all are, many of us come to a crossroads in life. We realize where we are headed is not where we want to be. If you’re anything like us, it’s been a winding road in getting to who you are today. We all have a story, good, bad and everything in between.

Localizing the Food Economy Through Farm Fusion Business Models

On a day to day basis, we need just a few basic things for survival. But our particular preferences and tastes within those create an endless opportunity to provide something unique.  

Opportunity For All in Creating the Hyperlocal Future

The world is changing exponentially, but humans seeking out convenience, connection, or a good deal seems timeless. So when we think about what the future holds, and where we might place a new business idea within it, at least we can take comfort that the known variables are the core human desires which apply to all of us, no matter your age, race, nationality, or occupation.

The Future of Food is in Our Hands

We are free to create the life that we want. The power is in our hands, under our control. It always has been, and for the foreseeable future, it still will be.

Why Community Gardens Fail

Community gardens are started with the best of intentions - to get people in the community working together and to provide healthy food access to places where there usually is none.  The issue of food deserts is a real one in many parts of the country and addressing...