The 5D Human Matrix


Glad you are here.


Even though we haven’t met, there are a few things I bet we have in common – the first being the inordinate amount of time daydreaming of a future backyard where you get to spend your days playing with plants, chickens, maybe a cow, sheep, or a fish in a pond.

And I can also bet that this daydreaming occurs when you are bored, uninspired, and reluctantly working for someone else.  And I can also bet that, increasingly, the “privilege” to have a weekend doing what you actually want doesn’t seem like a life you should accept forever.


I  was once stuck in a 9-5 climbing a ladder I didn’t want to climb.  Even though this was supposed to be a ‘dream job’, and with 80k in student debt, leaving was the best decision I ever made.  




In just 3 years from my last day, and without missing a single student loan payment, I went onto create Veg2Bowl, a farm-to-food-truck concept, Craven Local Food Market, a farmer-run meal prep service with a jar exchange, and Bootstrap Farmer, which serves small farmers and homesteaders with industry-leading equipment all over the world. 




 And even in creating those companies, I found more simplicity and more freedom along the way.




I want the same for you too.



Because of the massive fear and anxiety that I felt in making the jump, I decided back then that I would make supporting your transition through the Urban Farm Academy THE mission of everything I do. 



The resistance and pain we feel sitting in that office, feeling so far away from our dreams, is the gap holding so many back from living completely free and fulfilling lives.



But being on the other side now, I can tell you that you are way closer to your dreams than you think.  What feels like a mountain to climb, can be when you do it alone.  I was just smart enough at the very beginning to surround myself with people that were living the life I wanted to live, and I learned from them. What I’ve been able to accomplish in that short time is a reflection of that.




So, over these years, I have assembled the frameworks I used to create a new matrix for myself and others called The 5D Human Matrix. 



To become a creator means we need to have focus, clarity, and most importantly, resiliency to not accept anything less than what we set out for. 




In this 6-week reality coding program, you will plan, create and visualize the future you want, and create the exact steps to get there, no matter where you are right now.  



So even if you’re in an apartment, if you are an action taker, this program is for you.



With a clear vision of what you want to achieve and what to do next, you’ll be able to focus on the easiest, but also the most important part – simply taking the action steps in which you set up inside of the program.




Why 5D?



These are the dimensions of the matrix that we create through what is known inside the program as the FarmerCHEF – a resilient mindset and approach to creating your future through Community, Health, Entrepreneurship, and Food. 




For the cost of the vacation that you needed to take to gain your sanity back from working in a cubicle (a.k.a. a human cage), you can code a permanent vacation, where you find yourself getting paid to play with plants in your backyard.




The investment into this program is an investment in yourself. When you choose to take the green pill, you are choosing to create a new reality.




This programming is guaranteed to work 100% of the time for 100% of the people that apply it 100%. 




Once you take the pill, you have entered this Matrix and there IS NO RETURN. 




Only action takers that are serious about making life changes should enter. 




This isn’t a farming course, nor a course on canning.  This is reality-shifting programming that creates freedom and resiliency, moving you towards a homestead that creates regenerative value all around you. You’ll find your future self canning and farming with purpose and joy as a result of the code written in this 6-week program.




You’ll have access to this material for life – and that will be useful for the hours of video inside of Farm Fusion and Profound Marketing, in addition to the format of a daily green pill, a weekly Q&A, and also a Telegram group to share your wins and progress. 




If you’re ready to commit to creating the future you want for yourself, or if you want to find out this is right for you, start by sending an email to to introduce yourself.  After that we willll see if it makes sense to schedule a call to discuss where you are, and the goals that you currently have.





Meet Kris Davis of Seed to Shaker who worked with Brandon Youst, creator of the 5D Human Matrix to escape the Insurance industry and find freedom through growing herbs & creating craft mocktails.


Week 1

Free Your Mind

Week 2

Your Resiliency Matrix

Week 3

Building Nodes

Week 4

The F.A.R.M.E.R. Project Framework

Week 5

The 5D FarmerCHEF

Week 6

Your 5D Human Matrix


Plus bonus content for life as you move towards a business that creates abundance everywhere around you.

Move towards a homestead and create value through Farm Fusion and Profound Marketing.

Farm Fusion

 Inside of Farm Fusion:

Advanced Value Add

Building a Local Food Brand

Cafe’s, Commercials Kitchens & Delivery

Farmer Owned Meal Prep & Food Trucks

Lifestyle Design

New Business Opportunities

Online Storefronts & Subscriptions

Zero Waste Systems

Profound Marketing

Inside of Profound Marketing:

Audience Building

Building Community

Cross Promotion

Curating Farm Fusion Tours

Making Media Connections

Promoting Your Brand

Sales Strategies

Working with Top Chefs

There are tons of people out there just like you, dreaming of building a homestead and creating the ultimate freedom through community, health, entrepreneurship and food.  The only difference is those who decide to take action.


Once you start building your matrix, you’ll create stronger nodes through connecting with other homesteaders, entrepreneurs, and matrix builders.

Recap video by a UFA mastermind attendee, Oscar Chavez from Microledon Farm:

February 2019, Dallas, TX

Instructor Bio

Brandon Youst

Founder, Bootstrap Farmer, Craven Local Food Market, Veg2Bowl, Urban Farm Academy

Career before farming: Construction & Finance