Profound Marketing

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How to maximize the course experience

  1. Commit to watching without other distractions.  The way these ideas and mindset shifts are presented will have you visualizing yourself taking these same steps. Splitting your attention even a tiny bit will significantly reduce the depth of understanding you receive. 
  2. When an idea hits you, hit the pause button, and take notes.  Writing things down has a way of helping you absorb the ideas so they become second nature.
  3.  Don’t rush. Avoid watching more than 2 videos in back to back sessions.  If you feel ‘rushed’ to get through the course, stop, and come back when you are not rushing to the next thing. 
  4. Spend an equal amount of time digesting each video after its done.  Go for a post session walk with a notepad and paper to better organize and expand on how the ideas can benefit your future goals.
  5.  There are no quizzes at the end. There is no prize for finishing first. What you put in, you’ll get back in return.