Profound Marketing

One of the hardest parts of any new business is getting noticed.

Some do it through expensive launches and ad’s.

The best do it through people.

Profound marketing is relationship marketing.

Build Relationships & Accelerate What’s Possible

What would your farm look like with a profound approach to marketing?


Jeff starting with no farming experience


To a scaling business with a thriving community

In this course:

Videos & case studies on how to…


Audience Building

Building Community

Cross Promotion

Curating Farm Fusion Tours

Making Media Connections

Promoting Your Brand

Sales Strategies 

Working with Top Chefs

Case Studies


Chef Events


Panel Discussions & Speaking

The FarmTender  Tour

Open House (Soft Launches)


Event Checklist 

Course Intro

The Profound Marketing Course

Instructor Bio

Jeff Bednar

Businesses:  Founder of Profound Microfarms & Profound Foods 

Location: Lucas, TX

Career before farming: Real Estate

Follow Jeff on Instagram: @profoundmicrofarms