The world is changing exponentially, but humans seeking out convenience, connection, or a good deal seems timeless. Technology highlights and seeks to satisfy these human desires, but it doesn’t dictate them. No matter how much else has changed over the last 100 years, these factors have been relatively stable. 

So when we think about what the future holds, and where we might place a new business idea within it. At least we can take comfort that the known variables are the core human desires which apply to all of us, no matter your age, race, nationality, or occupation.

Learning the core human desires early on in business development is a huge help in crafting an offer that satisfies at least one of them. Understanding these also helps frame the language used for storytelling and making emotional connections to get people to move toward desired outcomes (a purchase/buy-in). This knowledge is also required for leadership, action, and change.

There are timeless aspects of our behavior, but the internet has changed the efficiency of how we interact and consume. The middlemen that farmers required in the past are mostly no longer needed. What used to take a full-time employee or a face-to-face handshake now can get done with an app. Reaching and managing clients digitally has become accessible and practically a requirement in this new era.


How you choose to reach and connect with your clients can depend on your personal preferences, but how clients want to be reached should be the priority. In a world where a thread holds our attention on, simply stated—don’t make it hard for people to buy your product. Making yourself available only at a Saturday market will severely limit your ability to reach a distracted or busy consumer.


Brandon Youst
Founder, Bootstrap Farmer & Urban Farm Academy