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By learning from each other, we give ourselves the opportunity to maximize our impact.


By getting clarity, we move towards the life and legacy that we can be proud of.

What’s Included

 All Business Masterclasses

Lifetime access to Business Masterclasses

Email Access to MBA instructors

Instructors are active business owners with real-time experience

Access to Business Incubator

Bootstrap a business with one of our ideas, or M.A.P. out one of your own

Monthly Group Call via Video Conference

Led by an Urban Farm Academy instructor or a special guest

In-Person MBA Meetups

A 3 day, in-person mastermind weekend held every year

The Courses

Farm Fusion

The Framework for Creating within the Hyperlocal Food Economy


A roadmap to idea development, market research & product launch

Profound Marketing

profound marketing is relationship marketing

The Instructors

Brandon Youst

Founder of Bootstrap Farmer & Craven Local Food Market

Nick Burton

MBA Director, Business Coach & Founder of Victory Lunch Club

Jeff Bednar

Founder of Profound Microfarms & Profound foods

The Meetup

MBA Meetup

A 3 Day Event

Day 1

Public Meetup & Networking at Our Host Farm

Day 2

Mastermind & Strategy Sessions

Day 3

Recap & Goal Setting


February 2020 – Dallas, TX

June 2020 – New York City, NY

October 2020 – San Francisco, CA

Starting with an open networking event, this weekend meet up is designed to connect you with others, and to help you find clarity in navigating your biggest challenges.

The 2nd day is where it’s at. You’ll present to the group what you’ve got going on, where your biggest challenges are, and then we’ll all brainstorm together, getting feedback from other entrepreneurs in the industry.

Day 3 is to collect our thoughts, set goals and to continue the conversation of  how we can help each other make our impact.


Group strategy session on your business


Present your ideas & struggles to the group


Leave with  Actionable Feedback

Monthly Group Call

An Interactive Learning Experience from In and Out of Industry


Upcoming Monthly Session Guests


Nathan Cash of On the Acre 


Henry Gordon Smith of Agtech


Ryan Pierce of Fresh Impact Farms


Cait Nolan of LittlexLittle Farm


Ken Armstrong of Ouroboros Farms


Rob Laing of Farm.One

The Urban Farm Academy MBA

$4999 one-time

Lifetime Business Masterclass Course Access

Email Access to MBA instructors

Course Completion Call with MBA Instructors

Access to Business Incubator

Monthly Group Call via Video Conference

Zero Cost to an MBA Meetup

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