Minimum Agricultural Product

a roadmap in idea development, market research & product launch

Starting something new is filled with uncertainty.

Who do I sell to?

What kind of products do they want to buy?

find your market before building a farm

evaluate your market through research

M.A.P. Framework

Evaluation of Assets

Identifying Goals

matching your business goals to your market

Product Brainstorming

MVP Development

Market Research

launching your first MVP through a series of promotions through media and word of mouth

Product Variables

Cost & Pricing

Market Positioning

looking at process, investments, pricing, and developing super fans through beta testing and local influencer collaborations


Soft Launch

Scaling Up

creatively serving your clients by understanding why they buy

a roadmap to launch


M.A.P. the what, when. where, why & how of any new product or business


address your business administration, marketing, sales, and processes


premium offerings, bread & butter markets, wholesale, affiliate, commodity, and passion projects 


Access for life

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the M.A.P. Course Introduction

Instructor Profile

Nick Burton


Businesses: founder of Victory Gardens & Victory Lunch Club

Location: Paris, TX

Careers before farming: Lawn Care, Retail Warehousing, Still thinks he’s in a band

Mission within the UFA: To assist others in drawing out and clarifying what they want for their goals within agriculture

Follow on IG: @state_of_the_soil