Minimum Agricultural Product

a roadmap in idea development, market research & product launch

find your market before building a farm

evaluate your market through research

M.A.P. Framework

Evaluation of Assets

Identifying Goals

matching your business goals to your market

Product Brainstorming

MVP Development

Market Research

launching your first MVP through a series of promotions through media and word of mouth

Product Variables

Cost & Pricing

Market Positioning

looking at process, investments, pricing, and developing super fans through beta testing and local influencer collaborations


Soft Launch

Scaling Up

Build your business to match your lifestyle goals, market opportunities, and creatively serve your clients by understanding why they buy

Plus...Workbooks, Bonus deep dives and MAP interviews

a roadmap to launch


M.A.P. the what, when. where, why & how of any new product or business


address your business administration, marketing, sales, and processes


premium offerings, bread & butter markets, wholesale, affiliate, commodity, and passion projects



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the M.A.P. Course Introduction

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The Urban Farm Academy MBA

hands on support from idea to launch

get one-on-one M.A.P. coaching

Brainstorm with business course instructors

What’s Included

 All Business Masterclasses

Lifetime access to Business Masterclasses

One-on-One Consult with instructor

Schedule a call with the instructor after completion of each course

Email Access to MBA instructors

Instructors are active business owners with real-time experience

Monthly Group Call via Video Conference

Led by an Urban Farm Academy instructor or a special guest

In-Person MBA Meetups

A 3 day, in-person mastermind weekend held every year