Farm Fusion Course

Farm Fusion

Create within the hyperlocal food economy

reach a wider market

Get the price you want for the things that you grow​

There has been an widening gap in our food system.


Farmers are selling ingredients, but the mass of consumers are looking for FOOD.


This disconnect has led to farmers selling their production to a tiny part of the market, for too little return.


But the process of rebuilding our food system is underway, and the opportunity for farmers to thrive is as ripe as it’s ever been.

Rapidly evolving technology is changing the way consumers connect with food, And it’s also giving us the tools to try something new.

In This Course..

The Farm Fusion Framework

Advanced Value Add

Farmer Owned Meal Prep


Zero Waste

Commercial Kitchens



Food Trucks

Online Storefronts

Apps & Supply Chain

Building Local Food Brands

Lifestyle Design

New Business Opportunities

Pivoting to Success

The Farm Fusion approach has farmers rebuilding the hyperlocal food economy through the products they create.


Where farmers, producers & artisans take a larger share of the supply chain by reaching the mass of consumers where they want to be met.


Cast your vision on creating a future that moves you towards the business and lifestyle you set out for.


Create something that has value, profit and a social impact in whatever scale that fits your ambition.

6 Hours of Video​

Relating experience in building… 


Local Food Brands

Hyperlocal Business Models

Online Storefronts


Food Trucks

Lunch Clubs




Farm Fusion Framework

Opportunities in the Hyperlocal Economy

A Balanced Farm Fusion Ecosystem Checklist

Designing A Farm Fusion Future

Planning Your Life Within Farm Fusion

Inside our Veg2Bowl & Craven Local Food Market

and more…

Additional Interviews


Food Hubs

Beer, Craft Cocktails & Kombucha

Lunch Clubs & Meal Subscriptions

Microgreens & Mushrooms

Profitable Permaculture

Soaps  & Hygiene Products

and more…


Access for life

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Farm Fusion Course Intro:

A Wholesome Approach to building a better business


By first considering your interests, we’ll move towards building a formula to exploring an outcome that meets the needs of you, your community and the environment.

It is a guide to building a business designed for a rapidly evolving food economy.

It is the framework I apply in my own businesses that allow me to take a $2 head of lettuce and turn it into a $10 salad that is pre-sold and delivered to our local clients.  We do similar things with pizza, pesto and kombucha, which are available in meal plans we create on a weekly basis.

Farm Fusion is taking what we can grow or source locally, and turning it into a product that the masses want.

If we truly want to be leaders in rebuilding our food system, we need to lead with value and convenience.  We need to realize that we’ve held onto outdated expectations when it comes to thinking the mass market will wake up and come to us.  This doesn’t hold up to even our expectations for convenience and value even in our own lives (ahem, Amazon Prime member…).

We need to meet people where they are, in ways they want to be met, with a product they want.

But before we can get there, we have to take a step back and recalibrate.  If we’re going to create something new, we don’t want to start by using an outdated sales channel, or a process that leaves a pile of waste behind.

We also don’t want to find ourselves working towards something that will make us miserable.  

This begins by setting up the benchmarks that a farm fusion business model should look to maximize.

By looking at your interests, what drives you, and what an ideal day looks like, we can then start to hone in on a product or service that moves you towards the life and impact you intend to make.

As part of the Urban Farm Academy MBA, the Farm Fusion course leads off as it sets up the framework that helps you to thrive within the evolving world of food and agriculture.  This framework can be taken to M.A.P., where you’ll begin walking through the critical steps from product development, market research, all the way to launch.



Access for life

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Instructor Bio

Brandon Youst 

Businesses: founder of Bootstrap Farmer & Craven Local Food Market

Location: Ernul, NC

Careers before farming: Construction, Corporate Finance

Mission within the UFA: Localize the national food supply though the proliferation of hyperlocal business models

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