Bootstrap Farmer Incubator Series

Inside our journey of starting a new business and lifestyle from scratch

Episode 1: Intro: Community Building Through Farming


Brandon Youst, Founder of Craven Local Food Market & Bootstrap Farmer, Co-Founder of Urban Farm Academy

Ernul, NC

Career Before Farming: Construction & Finance

Starting Point: 7 Acres

Episode 2: How I Built This Farm


Jeff Bednar, Founder of Profound Microfarms & Profound Foods

Lucas, TX

Career Before Farming: Real Estate

Starting Point: Old Greenhouse

Episode 3: Bootstrapping a Microgreens Business


Nathan Cash & Nick Bodnar, Founders of On the Acre

Houston, TX

Career Before Farming: Military & Retail Merchandising

Starting Point: Wire Rack

Episode 4: An Indoor Farm for Chefs


Ryan Pierce, Founder of Fresh Impact Farms

Washington, D.C. 

Career Before Farming: Cloud Computing

Starting Point: Spare Bedroom w/ Grow Tent

Episode 5: Making Soaps with Goats Milk


Krisann Blackwell, Founder of Beamans Fork Co.

New Bern, NC

Career Before Farming: Journalism

Starting Point: Soap Without Goats

Episode 6: STEM Education with Aquaponics


Michele Madison, Founder of Farming the Future

Tallahassee, FL

Career Before Farming: Engineering 

Starting Point: Dumpster Diving

Episode 7: Edible Gardens as a Service Point


Piper Klee-Waddle, Founder of Urban Dirt Co.

Mckinney, TX

Career Before Farming: Logistics

Starting Point: Raised Bed

Episode 8: Salad Subscription Lunch Club


Nick Burton, Founder of Victory Gardens & Co-Founder of Urban Farm Academy

Paris, TX

Career Before Farming: Landscaping

Starting Point: Rennovated Nursery 

Episode 9: Specialty Hemp Farming


Joe Hauser, Founder of Persephone’s Farm

Wilmington, NC

Career Before Farming: Bartender

Starting Point: Back yard