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Exit the Corporate Matrix and Build a Business with a Homestead as the Foundation

'The Green Pill' now streaming!

 A documentary on creating human freedom and resiliency through a fusion of farming, community, health, entrepreneurship, and food.  



Full-Length Interviews with the Farmers in ‘The Green Pill’:

What if you had the code to program your own matrix?


A matrix coded for resilient living.


And you could write your program from anywhere?

Apartment     Backyard     Homestead


Using your past experience to your advantage.

Corporate     Industrial     Service


To create the life you want.

Freedom     Resiliency     Community

The path to true freedom and resiliency starts with our basic needs – food, water, shelter & security. 


It then expands to freedom of time, money and location.


Some start with a water filter in an apartment. 


Some start with no experience growing food or running a business. 


Some start with a lack of confidence and belief that you can actually create the version of reality that you choose.


I was all of those people, living in an apartment, working under florescent lights – building someone else’s dream.


Then I decided to plot my way out, and began to code my own program.  


A few years later I have a homestead, a thriving business and ultimate time freedom from learning to live and act resiliently. 


Using the same principals that helped many escape the matrix, along with the learning from others I’ve worked with along the way, we will plan your way out too.


If you’re serious about unplugging from the matrix by reprogramming your mind to live for resiliency over convenience, and to create the opportunity for ultimate freedom through value creation with a homestead as the foundation, then send us a note to learn more about ‘The Resiliency Matrix’. 

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The Future of Food is in Our Hands

We are free to create the life that we want. The power is in our hands, under our control. It always has been, and for the foreseeable future, it still will be.