Urban Farm Academy

Business Incubator for Sustainable Food & Agriculture

Exploring farming as a business?

You don’t have to do it alone.

Discover how a network of farmers with a wide range of expertise can support your farm business incubation from seed to scale. 

Business models we can help you start within local food & agriculture:

Indoor & Vertical Farming

Planning, Designing and Growing in Controlled Environments

Flowers, Herbs & Microgreens

Leafy Greens & Fruiting Crops

STEM Aquaponics for Schools

Farm Fusion

Turning Your Production Into Value-Added Products

Hemp Farming for Niche Markets
Meal Prep w/ Jar Exchange
Seed to Shaker

Service Points

Farming Without Land of Your Own

Edible Chefs Gardens

Pop-up Gardens for Events

School & Restaurant Microfarms

We all start somewhere.

Meet the entrepreneurs of the Urban Farm Academy and see how we bootstrapped our farm businesses by learning from each other.

Will you be next?

Business Incubator

Start your business with a roadmap and guidance from our network.

Personalized Roadmap

Design, Planning & Business Education

Feasibility, Engineering & Consulting

Accountability & Mentorship

Learn the frameworks to create within modern hyperlocal food & agriculture. 

 Courses for planning, scaling & marketing your new or existing business.

Satisfaction Guarantee & Lifetime access.