Urban Farm Academy

Evolving in Agriculture

The process of rebuilding our food system is underway

Trailblazers in the hyperlocal food economy are providing templates through the businesses they create

Indoor farm technologies, zero waste food establishments, shared spaces, subscriptions and even food trucks have opened a universe of opportunity to be part of a sustainable food future

learn from a network of entrepreneurs leading of this change

people who left behind careers and decided to do something different

Business Masterclasses

Cast your vision on creating, running and scaling a profitable business that moves you towards the lifestyle you set out for

Value-add, online stores, hyperlocal food systems, meal plans, subscriptions, food trucks, commercial kitchens, cafes & more

Minimum Agricultural Product  – the lean start up for product & business refinement

Profound marketing is relationship marketing   Building a business through people & passion

Urban Farm Manager Masterclasses

Learn the in's and out's on building, running and maintaining an efficient indoor farm

(Coming Winter 2019)

The Farm Without a Farm

Start a farm anywhere

 Build & scale a farm starting from a 2’x4′ footprint

Advanced growing & Retailing

Bootstrapped Systems Designed to Scale

Product Diversification  & Brand Building

Selling to chefs & Farmers markets

Indoor Organic Hydroponics
Specialty Herbs

advanced modular Indoor hydroponic systems 

Growing for top chefs

Continuing Education

the foundations and fundamentals of going from seed to plant

Coming Winter 2020

STEM & Aquaponics

STEM & Aquaponics

Hydroponics & Controlled Environemnts

All Things Hydro & CEA

The Soil Web

Microbes, Mycelium and Much More

Live Workshops

Hosted at urban farms across the country

Live event calendar coming soon

Upcoming Short Courses

(Coming 2020)

Mushroom Farming

History of Farming

Flower Farming

Rooftop Gardens

And More…

Don’t see a course that you want? Tell us what you’d like to see! Send an email to: with the subject ‘Course Request’